Disposable Handcuff

weight: 21 g
interchangeable mould for customers logo: 25×9mm


CS 111 Disposable Handcuff is manufactured from a high-impact, high-tensile strength engineered polymer Nylon 66. In addition to its strength, this restraint is also lightweight, allowing easy concealment with the capability to carry many at a time.
Applied in a normal manner, the CS 111 Disposable Handcuff is easily adjusted once in place.

For easy removal, simply use the CS 222 SNIPEX cutting tool. NO other DANGEROUS CUTTING TOOL IS NEEDED!
No handcuff key is needed, which may also cause life-threatening situations!

Colour: black, white, navy, other colours are available to match customer`s sample

The CS CUFF can be carried on the body in various ways including: Wrapping within the officer’s hat. Threading through belt loops around the waist. Prelooping the restraint and hanging on a flashlight or other existing item on the officer’s belt

Ideal for use in:
Law Enforcement Agencies
Police Departments
Correctional Facilities
Jails & Prisons Features:

Releases with security cutting tool SNIPEX or any Non-Security regular knife (last may cause dangerous actions)
Non Reusable avoiding failure caused by wear and tear

Low cost, affordable

Strong and lightweight

Environmentally friendly

Designed in cooperation with COP, Oberweilenbach security experts Germany
This plastic handcuff does not feature sharp edges