material: best Nylon Dupont 66
colour: black
weight: 26 g
interchangeable mould for costumers logo: 32×24 mm


CLIX-Systems presents CS 100, the new Side Release 50 mm, with incorporated Non- Accidental Release feature, which has been especially designed for Military, Police, Armed (Private) Forces and others.

Its unique patented technique helps you resist attempted belt grabs by any aggressor. The buckle can not be released with one hand.

The CS 100 High Security Buckle means reliability and hold on of your hipbelt to the body in any situation !

The new CS100 incorporating the unique and patented grap resist retention device. Both left and right releases and the two buttons on the top must be used simultaneously to open the buckle, avoiding the possibility of accidental opening and helping you resist attempted grabs by any potential agressor.

The buckle can not be released with one hand.

The buckle also is contoured (preshaped) to fit closer and more comfortably against your body.