SNIPEX® is a high-security tool designed for the quick & easy cutting of flexible restraints, handcuffs, etc.

material: nylon fiberglass
colour: black, blue, navy, other colours available to match customers sample
weight: 35 g


The method of manufacture is a metal blade securely embedded & hidden within an injection-moulded nylon case eliminating the possibility of accidents. The blade is made from high-grade, durable, hardened steel in Solingen, Germany, the home of top class steel making.

SNIPEX® is compact & light, weighing less than 45 grams. It is easily operated with one hand using a simple flick of the wrist, & can be securely clipped to a key ring, trouser belt loop, or similar. A patented one-hand quick release ensures it can be brought into use quickly & easily.

SNIPEX® cannot be used as a weapon, & it eliminates the need to carry pliers, knives, scissors, or other metal implements which have the potential to be turned into weapons.

It is also handy for a variety of non-security related uses, such as cutting string, parcel bindings, electrical tie-wraps, etc.

SNIPEX® comes in a wide range of colours as standard.
Special colours can be supplied to match customer-provided samples.